Independent Living Services providing a safe environment for a second chance

Mission Statement
Independent Living Services

Independent Living services are part of the Southend Access Point and Supporting People and are able to work alongside local organisations who specialise in helping clients recover from addiction such as CDAS, CRI, Southend Probation, Family Mosaic, and many others as it is a very important part of a client recovery to engage activlly with agencies that are there to help, we are committed to the principles of empowerment and enabling in all areas of our organization, this includes the professional value and worth of our Support Team.

Independent Living Services promotes independent living within the scope of the clients ability. We endeavour to create a 'needs led' care plan, allowing Service Users to take part in a wide range of structured activities and programs with us and other agencies.

All of our clients needs are met in a friendly and efficient way, we strive to preserve and maintain their dignity, individuality and privacy, and we are always sensitive to ever changing needs. Service Users are encouraged and supported in pursuing their own hobbies and interests.

We aim to make every one of our clients environment as homely and comfortable as possible, and achieve and maintain the maximum level of independence with support from caring and competent staff.

Our overall aim at Independent Living Services is to facilitate our clients to live within the community, and to benefit from living as a valued member of a society sympathetic to their individual needs, whilst skilfully encouraging clients to progress and succeed in their own aims and objectives and to live and work Independently within society.

Aims &

It is the aim of Independent Living Services is to:

  1. Offer both personal and practical care to Service Users.
  2. Provides dignity and emotional ‘warmth’ to its service users through care and patience.
  3. Provides support and encouragement to improve a service user’s quality of life.
  4. Enable service users to maintain their chosen independent lifestyle as far as possible.
  5. Ensure the health, safety and welfare of Service Users is promoted and protected.

In order for service users and staff to live, work and recover at Independent Living Services there are a number of principles and rules we use to give us structure and protection. These help promote a calm, healthy, pleasant and safe environment for all.

Independent Living Services UK accepts residents referred by agencies such as the Probation Service, Social Services, specialist drug / alcohol agencies and treatment centres. Several current residents self referred.