Independent Living Services providing a safe environment for a second chance


I'm currently staying in one of the houses and was pleasantly surprised at the support of both the people in each house and the support workers themselves. It's made to feel more like a home than a place of recovery which enables me to recover at my own pace. I'm so glad i was referred here through CRI and am now well on my way to leading a normal life. Many thanks to the support staff here for all you've done for me. (Peter.S.)

I came Independent Living services House at Rochford Road 3 years ago after coming out of a turbulent relationship with my ex-wife. After the failed marriage I started abusing drugs and alcohol. I also started suffering from anxiety and severe depression. My life felt as though it had come crashing down and I couldn’t see a way out. With a stroke of luck I was put in contact with Independent Living Services and through CRI and their help and support I finally felt there was light at the end of the tunnel. I spent 3 years living at Claremont and whilst there I I engaged in various group sessions and 1 to 1 sessions which has vastly helped me stay off drink and drugs. With the help of the support team at independent living services I have managed to move on into my own accommodation and have built a better relationship with my children and ex-wife. The staff at ils where dedicated from start to finish to help me and I can honestly say without their help it wouldn’t have been possible. Even though I have moved on I still stay in contact with ils and engage in group sessions. I feel privileged to have received such great help from an incredible service and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them. Terry Ford....

“It’s a house where you learn and grow, and are loved by all. It’s a house where responsibility and accountability are treasured and we (the residents) are always put first.” - D.B.

"Jordan M." My name is Jordan M. and I am 21 yrs old and a recovering drug addict. My addiction led me to being homeless, hopeless demoralized and miserable with contemplations of suicide on a daily basis. I felt as if I had nothing to live for, my older brother passed away from addiction two and a half years ago and he was my best friend and my hero. Ever since then I was on a downward spiral that led to me sitting on a curb, robbed, homeless, cold, miserable and ready to kill myself. I was given a lifesaving opportunity to move into an ILS home nine months ago. Unlike past sober living environments I had been to, ILS's structure and strong recovery based program was exactly what I needed to get some sobriety under my belt and life knowledge to get back on my feet. I am currently working on starting my own business and starting a new sober life that I am progressing daily in. I must give the ILS team credit in playing a huge part in saving my life and helping me get to the place that I am today.

In order for service users and staff to live, work and recover at Independent Living Services there are a number of principles and rules we use to give us structure and protection. These help promote a calm, healthy, pleasant and safe environment for all.

Independent Living Services UK accepts residents referred by agencies such as the Probation Service, Social Services, specialist drug / alcohol agencies and treatment centres. Several current residents self referred.